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Pro Industrial Co., Ltd is a tailoring factory producing shirts, pants, suits and uniforms for hotels and prominent dealers all around the world for over 10 years. We concentrate on producing satisfying quality products for customers by using high-grade raw materials and cutting-edge technology of the Asian region. Moreover, every step of the production is checked for the quality to make certain that the expected standard of the customers is met.

Quality Control
We have a rigorous quality control in every piece of the products and in every step. This starts from raw material check to packaging. The reason for this is for the customers to obtain the quality products and the standard as they desire most.

Apart from producing, delivery is another factor that we do care about. We use the UPS and DHL service in order to deliver our products to our customers around the world and to make sure that customers receive products quickly and in a perfect condition.

Pro Industrial Co., Ltd.ís factory is situated in Chiang Mai which is in the northern part of Thailand. Our work is systematic and we have around 150 workers. Seminars for workers are held regularly and continuously to ensure the excellent products for the customers. right reserved.  camicie su misura